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Staff Directory



Name Title
Mr. Michael Pisseri Principal
Mrs. Kathleen Kelley

Assistant Principal


Name Title

Mrs. Jennifer Agostino

Classroom Teacher

Mrs. Paige Butler Classroom Teacher
Mrs. Nicole Desalvo Classroom Teacher
Mrs. Pina Dudics

Classroom Teacher

Ms. Kimberly Kolman

Classroom Teacher

First Grade

Name Title

Ms .Kelly Archino

Classroom Teacher
Mrs. Kyle Beach Classroom Teacher
Ms. Jessica Lupinacci Classroom Teacher
Mrs. Trish Lyons Classroom Teacher
Mrs. Kathryn Musgrave Classroom Teacher
Ms. Adriana Palladino Classroom Teacher

Second Grade

Name Title
Mrs. Rosina Castiglione Classroom Teacher
Ms. Jacqueline DeBrisco Classroom Teacher
Ms. Jessica Gorman Classroom Teacher
Mrs. Sharon McAdoo Classroom Teacher 

Ms. Samantha O'Brien

Classroom Teacher

Third Grade

Name Title
Mrs. Eleanne Gencarelli Classroom Teacher
Ms. Caitlyn Hurley Classroom Teacher
Mr. Andrew Pavia Classroom Teacher
Mrs. Rebecca Rakowitz Classroom Teacher
Mrs. Katelyn Teitelbaum Classroom Teacher

Fourth Grade

Name Title
Mr. Robert Milazzo Classroom Teacher
Mrs. Lisa Snyder Classroom Teacher
Ms. Brittany Summa Classroom Teacher
Ms. Stefanie Tamborino Classroom Teacher
Mrs. Katie Welsh Classroom Teacher

Fifth Grade

Name Title
Mrs. Lauren Benvenuti Classroom Teacher
Mr. William Margiotta Classroom Teacher
Ms. Karen Parker Classroom Teacher
Mrs. Kristen Shea Classroom Teacher
Mrs. Pamela Woodside Classroom Teacher


Name Title Other
Ms. Lauren Jones Art Teacher
Ms. Katherine Noe Art Teacher Instagram

Special Education

Name Title
Ms. Cathy Ferraro Resource Teacher
Mrs. Emily Ferro Resource Teacher
Mrs. Michele Gough Resource Teacher
Mrs. Nancy Mould Resource Teacher

Support Staff

Name Title
Ms. Melissa Guster Speech and Language Pathologist

Ms. Leslie Ulloa

Social Worker/Outreach
Ms. Skylar Jayes Social Worker
Ms. Morgan Cole School Psychologist 
Ms. Mindy Rabinowitz Title 1 Math

Mrs. Ryan Hobe


Mrs. Jenna Califano BOE Reading Teacher
Mrs. Annie Langschultz SRBI Coach
Ms. Melissa Fano Teacher Leader for Student Support

ESL/New Arrivals

Name Title
Mr. Marius Popescu New Arrivals 
Ms. Jane Wall New Arrivals
Ms. Elizabeth Cambria ELL Teacher
Ms. Martha Mesa ELL Teacher
Ms. Tatyana Vyzakina ELL Teacher


Name Title
Mrs. Michelle Arvan Instructional

Mrs. Joan Scalise

Ms. Shannon Wade Instructional
Ms. Jennifer Zmarzlak Insructional
Mrs. Dawn Bria Instructional
Ms. Rawaa Al ereksoosi  Special Education
Mrs. Nancy Boccuzzi Special Education
Ms. Lisa DePaolo Special Education
Ms. Sheila Sampson Special Education
Ms. Lakeita Holder Special Education
Ms. Sheila Joyce Special Education
Mr. Telron Spell Special Education
Ms. Scarlet Rivera Special Education
Mrs. Denise Boucher Special Eduation
Mrs. Maria Romero New Arrivals
Ms. Adyee Arias New Arrivals
Ms. Karla Ramos New Arrivals
Ms. Giovana Parre New Arrivals

Main Office / Custodial / Cafeteria Staff

Name Title
Ms. Melissa White Clerical
Mrs. Michelle Tripolitsiotis Clerical
Mrs. Terri Gruner Cafeteria Manager
Ms. Barbara Connors Cafeteria
Ms. Linda Abrams Cafeteria
Ms. Joanie Calorossi Cafeteria
Mr. Anthony Dupree Custodial, Head Custodian
Mr. Miguel Pagan Custodial Lead/Afternoon
Mr. Charlie Bynum Custodial
Mr. Michael Farina Custodial


Name Title


Name Title
Mrs. Jackie Giuliano Technology Integration and Support Specialist


Name Title
Mr. Frank Merendino Music Teacher
Mr. James Darling Music Teacher
Mr. Brandon Oberkreiser Music Teacher

Physical Education

Name Title
Mr. Kevin Arita Physical Education Teacher
Ms. Nicole DiMeglio

Physical Education Teacher