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The RULER Program

Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence RULER

The RULER Approach, Developed by researchers at Yale University, is an evidence-based social and emotional learning program dedicated to enriching the lives of educators, students and families.

RULER  is an acronym that stands for Recognizing, Understanding, Labeling, Expressing and Regulating emotions. The RULER approach increases his students’ emotional intelligence, social skills and academic performance.The classroom Charter, the Mood Meter, The Meta-Moment, and the Blueprint are four tools used in each class to help students regulate their emotions, in order to be successful in school. Additionally, each grade level has an SEL block of time to support lessons for social-emotional development through Ruler’s curriculum.

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At Davenport Ridge, we teach and practice the RULER program, an evidence based approach to social emotional learning.

Definition of RULER
Emotions Matter
example of classroom charter


The charter's purpose is to create a positive culture and climate. It represents a collective agreed-upon norms for how everyone would like to be treated.

Davenport Staff Charter

staff charter


Mood Meter

The Mood Meter is a tool that helps people of all ages build self and social awareness. It helps us understand how our emotions influence our thinking and behavior, and it empowers us to recognize and label our full range of emotions, and manage them more skillfully. These skills help us get along with others and make better choices in our lives. Emotions can be understood as the degrees of pleasantness we’re experiencing, combined with the level of energy we have.

Mood Meter

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The Meta-Moment is a brief step back from the situation when we pause and think before acting. We ask ourselves, how would my “best self” react in this situation?

Meta Moment



The Blueprint is a tool for helping people to develop empathy and perspective. Using questions anchored in the skills of emotional intelligence, the Blueprint encourages both children and adults to consider one another’s thoughts and feelings when resolving conflicts or differences, and to identify constructive solutions. Used effectively, the Blueprint builds compassion and trusting relationships and engenders optimism in the challenging moments of everyday  life.

The blueprint