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Address:Davenport Ridge Elementary School

1300 Newfield Avenue

Stamford, CT 06905

United States

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Dear Parents/Guardians:


On behalf of the entire staff, welcome to Davenport Ridge Elementary School! Mrs. Kelley and I are honored to serve as the administrative team at Davenport. We are thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with students, parents and staff in the best interest of Davenport Ridge students. We are very excited that you and your family are a part of the fabric that helps to define our learning community. In order for a school to be successful, it is critical that all parties work together in the best interest of the student body. 

Please note that the school day begins promptly at 9:00AM. Any students that enter the building after that will be marked tardy. To help with this, we open the doors to the cafeteria at 8:30AM each day so that students may arrive early and enjoy breakfast under the supervision of staff. Also, please note that students who are dropped off or walk to school, should enter the building through the cafeteria each day. This is important in terms of safety as the bus lanes are located in the front of the school and cars are prohibited from entering this area.

At the same time, please keep in mind that routines are critical toward the success of elementary students. Children depend on routines and when they are changed with little or no notice, it can be quite problematic for them. Therefore to help us, I would ask that you write a note to the school office on the day of any change to arrival or dismissal. Also, please have a conversation with your child about it as well. This will help the staff and children, especially at dismissal time.

Thank you in advance for your support and collaboration this year. We have high expectations for Davenport Ridge Elementary School and the administrative team and will work extremely hard to support staff in our ongoing quest to improve student achievement. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.


Michael Pisseri, Principal